How Collaboration Technology Changed Our Lives

Lady on a video conference call.

Collaboration technology gives the impression to the user of “real-time” interaction with someone who is a remote distance away. Either in another room, area or country. Collaboration technology is quite a broad term though, this can be broken down into shared calendars, file sharing, instant messaging, digital whiteboards and the most well-known, video conferencing.

Let’s be honest, you didn’t even think of any of the above besides the video conferencing. Naturally, video conferencing is extremely well known due to the work-from-home culture that the world has been forced into since 2020. However, we have been using collaborative technologies for many more years than this.

How Collaboration Technology Changed Our Lives

What was the first collaborative technology?

Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi received a U.S. patent for radio technology in 1904, three years after he claimed to have sent the first transatlantic radio signal. Radio was the first technology that could instantaneously communicate to a mass audience. Although the original invention was not a two-way communication stream, this is still the start of technology-driven communication.

What do Collaborative Technologies do for us?

Think about how many times a day you send a WhatsApp, email or even an old-school SMS for those stuck in that age. Now think about how your life would change if you could only talk to someone in person, or if you still had to post letters to each other. Talk about the world’s slowest conversation. When it comes to business, think about how much money is saved by not having to travel around the world all the time. I know it sounds great to be en route to a new country or city constantly but not for the bank of the businesses around the world.

Working from home 100% of the time or in a hybrid format is now the new norm. Not many companies are forcing their employees to be in off Monday to Friday, 9-5 anymore which is awesome. 5 years ago, this was unthinkable. I guess one fun thing came from the dreaded 2020 year.


Whether you are in school or working, collaborative technologies are everywhere in your daily life. Working with technology instead of against it is propelling the world into a more efficient state than ever before. Simple tasks such as having a conversation with someone who isn’t in your direct space is as easy as the click of a button. The world will never be the same and this is something that brings opportunities. No longer will people be saying we’ve always done it this way. It’s more about the ‘what’s next?’ questions.

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