What is a Data Centre?

Data Centre

Cisco describes a data centre as a physical facility that organisations use to house their critical applications and data. If you think of it, that makes perfect sense. A data centre is a place where data is stored… obviously.

What is a Data Centre?

What are Data Centres comprised of?

At the core, a data centre is made up of several key components, these include routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers. I’m sure those of you who understand networks well will be thinking that many of these components are network-oriented, good catch on your site. Networking does indeed have its claws in data centres. Routers and switches are very network-focused technologies. The routers provide the data centres with access to the internet while the switches allow the data centre to send and receive data packets, think of these as small, encrypted messages of data like morse code for computers.

A firewall is a security-focused technology. VMware describes a data centre firewall is a software or hardware device that monitors traffic to and from an organisation’s network. This helps filter out external threats which could be harmful to the integrity of the data within the data centres.

Storage systems, servers and application-delivery controllers are the cruces of a data centre. This is where the data is stored and monitored.

The importance of Data Centres

Everything we do online and in the business needs to be stored. Whether it’s data about your passwords or if you’re simply saving company documents. This data is all stored in a data centre. The more information we save, the more space we need. But for the general public, this is more of a need to have rather than a need to understand.

What should I study to get into Data Centres?

The foundation of any great data centre engineer is a solid understanding of networking. If you are completely new to the world of IT, check out our blog ‘5 Networking Career Kick Starter Certifications’ before specialising in data centres.

If you have a networking background and would like to venture into the world of data. We’d recommend that you decide on which vendor you’d like to focus on. If you’d like to look into Cisco, then have a look at their Data Centre core course ‘Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR) v1.1’. This is a great course for data centre engineers.

If you find the Cisco certification tracks a bit confusing, don’t worry. We have simplified these down for you in our blog ‘Simplifying Cisco Certification Tracks’.


To conclude, data centres are physical facilities where data is stored and protected. The work of a data centre engineer is still highly prevalent in today’s society and would make a great career for an aspiring engineer. If you are new to the world of IT, we would recommend that you begin honing your networking skills before turning to a career in data centres. This is only because data centres have a lot of overlap with the networking infrastructure.

Become a data centre engineer and keep the world’s data stored and secure.

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