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Course Overview

The Drone Pilot course allows students to be job market-ready after completing the course. It is structured to align with the need for skilled Remote Aerial Vehicle (RAV) operators across a multitude of business sectors.

The one-year Drone Pilot course offers students the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the basics, potential uses, laws, and regulations of drone technology. Students will start the course with a foundational understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This is followed by the Remote Pilot License (RPL), which ensures that students can demonstrate proficiency in operating drones safely and in compliance with the laws and regulations of operating a drone.

The Restricted Radio course provides students with an understanding of the importance of using the correct phraseology and call structure to ensure clear and concise radio communication.

Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) prepares students to safely and effectively plan and execute flights, and operate their drones beyond their line of sight.
In the Dangerous Goods course, students develop the skills and knowledge needed to assess the risks associated with transporting dangerous goods by drone.

Aviation Security develops the student’s skill to assess the security risks associated with drone operations and to implement effective security measures to protect the drone.

There are three elective courses that the student can choose between, they each provide both theoretical and practical skills related to the discipline that they cover:

  • Mapping provides students with the skills to capture, process, analyze, and visualise data.
  • Spraying provides students with the knowledge required to deliver precision agricultural techniques.

  • Photography & videography teaches students the necessary skills required to provide different types of aerial photography.

    The course is rounded off by ensuring that students are prepared to enter the workplace with preparation of CV (curriculum vitae) writing skills and preparing them to confidently partake in the interview process as an interviewee.

    The course is also accredited by a professional body, and the student, after successful completion, will be a registered professional.

• Word
• Excel
• PowerPoint
• Introduction to Drones and the Drone Industry
• Remote Pilot Licence (RPL) – Theory, Practical and Radio
• Restricted Radio & Practical + Exam
• Aviation Security
• Dangerous Goods
• Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) – Theory and Simulation

• Finance 101
• Business Etiquette
• Preparing CV
• Interview skills

• Mapping theory
• Mapping practical
• Spraying theory
• Spraying practical
• Photography & videography theory
• Photography & videography practical

Course pre-requisites:

• A class 3 aviation medical certificate

• English Higher Grade pass

All of our programmes are accredited with the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals (ICITP)

• Agricultural mapping and spraying drone pilot

• Security Drone Pilot
• Drone Videographer and Photographer
• Asset Inspection Pilot

• Drone Mapping Pilot

• Delivery Drone Pilot

• Trainee Instructor

• Remote Pilot Licence (RPL) – Theory, Practical and Radio

• Restricted Radio & Practical + Exam
• Aviation Security
• Dangerous Goods

• Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) – Theory and Simulation

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