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Hot Careers For 2022 And Beyond In South Africa

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With the world going digital, two careers will become more important: cybersecurity and programming. Cyber attacks are increasing daily and in South Africa alone these attacks have accounted for costs of over R2.2 billion.

All technology is going towards software and ‘software defined’. It is a good idea to understand how the world of programming works. Standard Engineers will need to upskill themselves to prevent the possibility of becoming ‘old school’ and obsolete. Not every person in the IT sector will become a programmer, but it’ll be a positive move to understand what programming is, what it can do and how it can help other aspects of the IT infrastructure.

We have compiled five (5) career programmes that will address the scarce skills issues within South Africa:

  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Networking Engineer
  • Data Centre & Cloud Engineer
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Drone Pilot

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Our career programmes have the following benefits:

  • Achieve well-known international certifications
  • Practical work experience while earning a salary
  • Build a highly in-demand skillset of technical, functional and behavioural skills
  • Work-readiness toolkit
  • Communication skills
  • Work ethics
  • Interview preparation
  • CV drafting
  • Access to job opportunities globally

We invite you to attend our webinar where you can learn more about where IT is heading and how you can get involved in these two very important careers.

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