Junior Software Engineer

Programme overview:


  • Park Campus

Course Overview

The Go Fourth Junior Software Developer programme combines knowledge and skills with international certifications to enable each student to shape their own future. 

The Junior Software Developer programme, informed by rigorous Job Task Analysis and fortified by a robust learning methodology, has been meticulously curated to meet the growing demand for these essential architects of the digital landscape. 

We will provide instruction on the most sought-after back-end development tools, technologies, and programming languages, which lay the foundations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Students will also be immersed in the front-end development of technological innovation – ensuring that right from the outset, their arsenals are stocked with precisely the skills coveted by employers. 

Aside from these core skills students will also be introduced at foundation level to related technology areas such as networking, software, and security. 

The program offers a robust module that include key business skills subjects essential for effective teamwork and success when working as a member of a cloud team. 


Course Title 

International Certification Exam Incl. 

Career Insights 

The Platform Economy & Job Areas 


Software Career Insights (presented by a Software Developer) 


Software Developer Core  

Beginning Programming All in One 


Python Certified Entry-Level Programmer (PCEP) 


Python Certified Associate Programmer (PCAP) 


Introduction to Java 


Java Developer 






Linux Essentials 


Linux Unhatched 


Docker Fundamentals 


Linux Foundation Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) 


Introduction to Helm 


Exin DevOps Fundamentals 


Exin Agile Scrum Foundation 


Introduction to Git 


IBM: Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) 


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 


Networking Foundation 

IT Essentials 


Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) 


Cybersecurity Foundation 

ISC2 – Certified in Cybersecurity 


Cloud Foundation 

AWS Tech Essentials 


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ 900) 


Essential Business Skills 

The World of Work 


Business Ethics  


Problem Solving  


Critical Thinking 


Time Management  


Microsoft Office Suite 


Business Communication 


Technical Report Writing  


Presentation Skills  




Cultural Diversity 


Professional CV and Linkedin 


Job Application Skills and Interviewing Technique 


• Academic approval upon application

• Maths Literature 50%

• Although not mandatory, we do suggest that you have a good understanding of Information Technology (IT) or Computer Application Technology (CAT)

All of our programmes are accredited with the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals (ICITP)

  • Software Back-end Developer: The main objective of this pivotal role is to construct the foundational architecture necessary to support dynamic web applications and services. 
  • Software Front-end Developer: You’re the mastermind behind crafting captivating interfaces and unforgettable experiences that leave users in awe! 
  • Software Full-stack Developer: Like a Swiss Army knife, you tackle all aspects of software development, from designing applications and services to architecting robust backend systems. 


Junior Software Developers may also expand their abilities by cross-skilling to gain in-demand international certifications in other technology areas, for example, Networking, Cyber Security, Cloud, and more. 


Several highly sought-after international certification exams are included in the Go Fourth Junior Software Developer programme. While we standardise on specific platforms, languages and tools, the versions and names of these accreditations can change from time to time. 

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Please note that the content and structure of this learning programme are subject to changes influenced by the dynamic nature of technology. As advancements and innovations continue to shape the landscape of software development, adjustments to the curriculum may be necessary to ensure relevance and effectiveness.  

While we strive to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive learning experience, we cannot guarantee that all aspects of the program will remain unchanged throughout its duration.  

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we navigate these evolving technological developments together.